SEM gives international trade consulting, finance and strategic marketing guidance for local companies and foreign customers who would like to import, export and market their products and services without facing difficulties.

SEM gives international legal consulting to local and foreign companies for  their trade activities, joint-venture partnerships and investments and provide domestic and international agreements in or outside Turkey for the prevention of upcoming disputes.

SEM gives management consulting to companies in order to provide them to be more efficient and sustainably profitable.

SEM provides investment consulting to foreign companies who would like to make investments in Turkey and also to Turkish companies who would like to invest abroad, starting from project management to turn-key projects, and furthermore may provide management of these investments.

SEM is a private international trading and consulting company established on November 9th, 1989 in Istanbul, Turkey.

SEM gives services, consults and if necessary represents the foreign companies who would like to do business in Turkey for their trading and investment activities.



Süha Tarman

Genel Müdür

Mr. SUHA TARMAN ,  Managing Director.

He is a Graduate of Ankara College and Middle East Technical Univ. METU.

 Since 1983, he  worked as Foreign Trade and Planning Manager of Çanakkale Cement Co.  and  General Coordinator  of Turkish-American JV, Destek  Inc. ( General Defense) and Chairman of its affiliated companies, Dardanel-Destek and Destek international Trade Co. Served as a member of the Board of OYAK Cement and Paper Companies and General  Manager of Oytaş  Foreign Trade Co., one of the biggest Trading companies of Turkey.  Since 2010, He served as  the Country Consultant of Heidelberg Cement-HC Trading,  largest Cement group in the world, and Consultant to the Board of several Private companies in Turkey, and is the main shareholder of S.E.M. International Trade and Consulting Co., İstanbul,  which has been  in international trade for 30 years and provides  consulting  to domestic and foreign companies.

He became Dep. Chairman of  Exporters Union, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) representative , South African Business Council Vice Chairman of Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey, Prime Ministry, DEIK and as a Board member and President of  various associations.

Mr. Tarman is a lecturer at Istinye University, İstanbul,  Haliç University , İstanbul  and Istanbul Commerce University in Turkey and gives seminars on Foreign Trade at İstanbul Chamber of Commerce , Sabanci and MEF University, and attends meetings on international investment and trade as a speaker.